Representation Matters

Bringing back my Burberry modelling days 😂 A post shared by BoPo w/ Michelle Elman (@mindsetforlifeltd) on Feb 11, 2017 at 8:54am PST When I saw this photo of Ashley Graham, it got my attention. Why? Because my underarm has always been my most insecure part of my body and whenever I lift weights above … Continued


A post shared by Michelle Elman (@mindsetforlifeltd) on Apr 10, 2017 at 9:13am PDT WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU TOOK ONE PHOTO? Not 3. Not 5. Not 20. One. It’s seriously liberating and it’s an exercise you should try. I was hanging out with a friend and I wanted a new profile picture for … Continued

“Doing It” Book Publication Day

A post shared by Michelle Elman (@mindsetforlifeltd) on Apr 6, 2017 at 1:59pm PDT IT IS “DOING IT” PUBLICATION DAY! (Swipe for more photos) I’m in @hannahwitton ‘s awesome sex-positive, body-positive, inclusive book which basically needs to be compulsory reading for all teenagers – it’s the sex ed you needed in school! I couldn’t urge … Continued

When You Are Hard to Love

We all have an “ugly” side to ourselves, and I’m not talking physically. My side is my fiery side, I get really passionate really quickly and sometimes when I get like this, my passion hides my sensitivity and my carefulness when I choose words. I used to hate that part of myself… for obvious reasons, … Continued

How To Love Your Younger Self

We are so harsh on our younger selves. We always think we should have known better or we should have done better and are so critical of our previous selves. It’s time we stop doing that. It’s not fair to that child. She deserves more.This is my passionate (and slightly angry) video yet… a whole … Continued

Exercise with Invisible Illness and Chronic Pain

“A working body is one that simply keeps you breathing. If you are still here, your body works.” I used to hate the term “working body”, I always believed it didn’t fit my body. My body with all my ailments, illnesses and limitations. Well I’m redefining it. A working body isn’t one that let’s you … Continued

Losing Friends and Friendship Breakups

Just because someone doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t like yourself. Just because a friendship isn’t working out, doesn’t mean you don’t still care about each other. In my Instagram live, you all asked me to make a video about this and when I released it yesterday and the number of private messages I … Continued

Fat rolls.

A photo posted by BoPo w/ Michelle Elman (@mindsetforlifeltd) on Feb 1, 2017 at 10:17am PST Here’s to posting all the pictures we hate. My belly rolls were created for me when I was 7 years old… or at least that’s when I noticed them, and called them rolls. My rolls were created by surgeons, … Continued

Stick Around.

“The most controversial thing I have ever done is stick around” – Madonna   -When I got told Instagram was a waste of time, I stuck around – When I got told my brain tumour surgery would affect my cognitively, I stuck around – When I got told I was too young to be a … Continued

One For All The Curvy Asians

Here’s one for my Asian curvy babes. We are a rare breed. We are an exclusive species. And we are beautiful. I want to speak specifically to the Asians out there. The Asians that don’t get seen in the bopo community, the Asians that don’t feel seen on billboards in their own country or heard … Continued