Michelle’s reputation as a speaker is built on her vast experience of overcoming adversity and being able to reflect emotionally to allow for novel insights. She share her vulnerability and past battle with body confidence and medical trauma with humour and optimism that makes for a unique talk.

 Past Keynotes

  • The Secret to Body Confidence
  • Self-esteem and Social Media
  • Scarred Not Scared: My Story of Surgeries, Scars and Survival
  • The Stylish Secret To Confidence

If you are interested in scheduling an event, please submit an online inquiry or email at michelle@mindsetforlife.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



“Michelle is one of those genuinely lovely people that others are drawn to. I knew nothing of her story at that point just that I wanted to be friends with this woman with a stunning smile. Michelle then delivered her talk and I was deeply moved – her story is one of courage and confidence but also grace and genuine emotion. On many levels, she’s just your average woman and you feel like you can relate with on a personal level. But the more you get to know, her, the more you’ll realise she’s anything but average! She’s a fantastic speaker with a moving story to tell so if you get the chance to hear her or work with her, don’t miss out!”

Lauren Lovett, 2016

“On behalf of Millennium Point, I am writing to thank you for undertaking the Metaprogramme Elicitation for the Executive Team. The team have fed back and have asked me to let you know that they found it to be incredibly insightful and useful. It was good hearing about and talking through the dynamics around the questionnaire and it is something we will be able to build upon and be mindful of moving forward. It was well delivered and very productive for the team.”

Vanessa Currie, Millennium Point, 2015

“Michelle gave us a really honest and emotional talk about her way of finding happiness and how to be perceived  as a successful person. It was one of the best motivational talk that I have ever heard in this kind of event. The audience was excited and I was really moved when Michelle told us about her illness and then the hard work to become a self-confident and positive-minded girl. If you ever have the chance to hear this story, don’t hesitate! Everyone can find happiness, Michelle will tell you how to do it, because she did it. “

Ewa Galant, 2014